10 Most Underrated Athletes

#1. Donovan McNabb (Quarterback, Washington Redskins)


As a proven success with the Eagles and a future Hall of Famer, Donovan McNabb should have never been taken for granted in his career, but time and time again he’s given the shaft by his contemporaries.

While in Philadelphia he led the Eagles to four straight NFC championship games, before he was run out of town by bad press and cocky wide receivers.

After his departure he wound up in the disaster known as the Washington Redskins, stuck on a team with few offensive options and a father-son coaching tandem that want nothing to do with him.

It’s insane to think that his starting job might be in jeopardy, but you never know what decisions are going to come out of a Washington front office.

If McNabb is bounced out yet again, he might just be the extra piece one team needs to make a deep run at a Super Bowl next season.