20 Minute Daily Body Weight Workout

The Last Exercise Is The Side Lunge


The Last exercise  in this workout is the Side Lunge, from the standing position bend your one leg so your knee is just over your toes your other leg should be extende all the way like the picture.

Now just alternate from side to side keeping your head up back straight and arms out infront of you parallel to the ground. This will be putting some more definition into your quads and your Butt. Do this alternating exercise for at least 50 reps. Slow and controlled is the way to go with this movement.

At the conclusion of your workout you should be putting a good quality protein in to your body. The rule of thumb is 1.5-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and make sure you get good quality (brown) carbohydrates in to your system.

This will spike your insulin levels and shuttle all the nutrients in to your blood stream and providing your muscles what they need to grow. Drink plenty of water and in no time you will have that beach body you are after. Next issue we will be bringing you some more training tips.