CICRET Touchscreen Phone Wristband


By far, this is one of the coolest concepts ever created, like something out of a futuristic SCYFY movie!


  1. CICRET is a wristband that syncs to your Smartphone and/or Android and projects the contents onto your arm. It’s all thanks to, “the pico projector and the horizontal row of eight proximity sensors,” that makes this technological phenomenon possible.2
  2. Projection is activated by just a simple turn of the wrist, and you will have the ability to: surf the internet, send and receive emails, scroll through social networks, check the weather, use your GPS and even answer incoming phone calls.

33.  Available in these 10 stylish colors, this futuristic piece will be released date of the Cicret is scheduled for the end of 2016, mass production is expected to start by this Fall, 2016.

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