NFL: They are what you think they are!


   On my SB Nation Radio Show this week, I made of point of the old Dennis Allen saying made famous after a bad loss, They are who we thought they were. Teams have established their identity and pretty much are holding true to form. Broken down in terms of this past weekend that case held true for the most part all weekend long, meaning these are certainties moving forward:


  •  Cleveland flat out stinks, has no offense, and will not win a game, and Steelers cover a very square bet laying 9.
  •  Philly is good at home but are a totally different animal on the road.
  •  Seattle is healthy at QB and on the OL which makes them a dangerous team, and a Top NFC contender after beating 3 very good teams in a row in impressive fashion.
  •  Arizona just has failed to impress at any point, including the preseason with high expectations, and flat out do not have it together.  Take away the 14 special teams and defensive points and Minny scored 16 points on offense and still beat them and covered.
  •  Dallas is unstoppable on offense and can hurt you through the air or on the ground and Dak and Zeek are simply the best rookie 1-2 punch I have seen in my 25 years of capping.  Romo is a cheerleader moving forward until traded.
  •  Cincinnati cannot beat anyone with a decent defense.  Check this out.  The scored 17 at Bronco’s, 14 against Dallas, 17 against New England, 20 against the Giants and 12 against the Bills, and now have lost AJ Green potentially for the rest of the season.  No 10 wins this year for the Red Rifle and company and I doubt Lewis keeps his job.  Oh Yeah, they play the Ravens defense next week who is in a bad mood after 2 rookies and Dez Bryant hung over 400+ yards on them Sunday!
  •  Green Bay stinks.  They are what I thought they were, a below average team. They are injury riddled, especially in the secondary and are thin at RB and simply making mistakes at the wrong time all over the place, and it continued Sunday Night.  Detroit or Minny win that division.  Green Bay on the outside looking in.
  •  Both Minnesota and Buffalo stopped losing skids, and both teams defense will keep them in games this year.  Buffalo’s key is keeping RB McCoy healthy, and Minnesota needs RB Petersen back ASAP to contend, their offense is still putrid.
  •  Andrew Luck cannot lose to Tennessee.  He is now 11-0 lifetime SU against them, and while many thought Tennessee would make a move (myself included, my only loss of the day), Luck owns that team!
  •  Kansas City was a weak 7-2 team as I stated on my free play video series this week and wouldn’t cover against Tampa.  KC is going to get exposed the next 3 games I fear, facing Denver off a bye, Atlanta and then Oakland at Arrowhead.  Andy Reid needs to step up his play calling or KC may fade fast.
  •   Detroit continues to come from behind and win or give big leads away and win, and Jacksonville continues to throw games away, and QB Bortles is a human turnover machine at QB for them. Gus Bradley will be looking for a new job come January.
  •   Moving the extra point after a TD back to basically having to make a 33-yard field goal is having its effect, 12 missed PAT’s on Sunday, the most on one single Sunday since the AFL/NFL merger!

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Courtesy of Tony George

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