Best Seat in the House

Camp Nou (Nou Camp) for soccer


City: Barcelona, Catalonia

Opened: 1957

Capacity: 98,787

Cost: Unknown



60,000 FC Barcelona fans were on hand to watch as an Archbishop blessed the first stone that was laid at the grounds that would become Camp Nou. FC Barca had already had a long storied franchise before the stadium was built, but Camp Nou ushered in a new era of excellence and has been home to some of the greatest soccer players in the world.


Reason to Go:

Home to one of the most exciting styles of soccer in Eurasia, that keeps a faster pace with more emphasis on attacking and scoring goals than most other European clubs. It is also the place to watch Lionel Messi, the greatest soccer player in the world. I would recommend sitting in a higher section, or in a box if you can, to avoid any random soccer brawls, smoke bombs, firecrackers, or any other projectile that could miss its target and hit the people sitting field level.