Best Seat in the House

Ohio Stadium “Horseshoe” / Michigan Stadium “Big House”


City: Columbus, Ohio          City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Opened: 1922                              Opened: 1927

Capacity: 102,329                               Capacity: 109,901

Cost: $1.34 million                              Cost: $950,000


Hard to split up these fierce rivals with powerhouse programs and illustrious stadiums, so they both get shoved in here together. The Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines have one of the oldest rivalries in college sports, and perhaps the most intense rivalries in sports period.

Reason to Go:

College football is king in the U.S. and these rivalry games are a must see, but even though both stadiums can seat over 100,000 it’s still a tough ticket to come by. I recommend pre-gaming in a student hosted tailgate party outside, and hoping you run into the right person who has an extra ticket, or is too drunk to make it in for the festivities.