No doubt by now you have heard of the new supercar the Lexus LFA. The LFA represents the first time that the Lexus automaker has developed a supercar in the history of the company. Lexus spared no expense and time on creating the exotic beauty you see in front of you here.  Lexus poured every ounce of their heart and souls into the LFA, to produce a truly amazingly tantalizing driver’s car. The development of the LFA took a dedicated team of engineers handpicked by the chief engineer at Lexus, Haruhiko Tanahashi almost a decade to create the LFA completely from scratch. Everything on the new Lexus LFA has been designed and manufactured in house right down to the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the chassis and body work.  At four times the strength of aluminum the CFRP process created some major advantages, giving the LFA significant weight savings of 100 kg while also giving it the strongest most ridged chassis and body work possible.  The LFA uses advanced resin technologies utilized by aerospace programs 65% of the car is CFRP and the remaining 35% is Aluminum Alloy.


Hurtling the LFA to its top speed of 202 mph and its 3.7 second zero 0-60 time, is a bespoke, naturally aspirated V10 with a displacement of 4,805cc creating an impressive 552 horse power through its 9,000 rpm range. The V10 produce’s 354 pound feet of torque at 6,800 rpm with 90% of it available from 3,700 rpm to its 9,000 rpm redline. The engine was designed by Lexus in a partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation to create the most compact light weight engine ever imaginable. The V10 has some cool design elements like the 72-degree angle between the cylinder heads (which is the perfect angle to produce exceptionally smooth running engine) they also gave the engine individual electronically controlled throttle bodies to each cylinder giving it the best possible throttle response. It is also equipped with a dry sump lubrication system allowing lower center of gravity placement in the engine cradle, as well as the Dual VVT-i technology, equal length exhaust manifold and high volume fuel injectors. The engine was also harmonically tuned to sound like a Formula 1 car. The engine has an unbelievable sound that can only truly be appreciated in person.


Getting all this power to the ground is an equally advanced transmission specifically designed for the LFA. It is an automated 6 speed sequential gearbox (ASG) transferring the power to the limited slip differential. This is contained in a transaxle located in the rear axle, giving the optimum 48:52 front to rear weight distribution. It is operated by a paddle shift mechanism that has blindingly fast up shifts of just 0.2 seconds. The ASG has four driving modes to choose from Auto, Sport, Normal and Wet. Each mode comes with specific gear shift program and engine and brake control logic so the driver can tailor the car’s performance to suit driving conditions.

Controlling all this power and bringing the car from speed to a stop are is one of the most advanced braking systems in the super car world. The LFAs disc brakes are made from carbon ceramic material (CCM) and the brake pads are high friction micron pads giving the LFA fade free braking in all conditions. Six piston aluminum brake calipers up front and 4 pot calipers in the rear. The LFA has track tuned suspension coming from hours of testing at the famed Nurburgring’s Nordscheilfe circuit to give the LFA the best balance of comfort and control. The Bespoke double wishbone front/multi link rear design uses aluminum alloy for its strength and weight saving abilities they even used the aluminum monotube dampers from the LFA race car. The LFA comes equipped with light weight 20-inch forged aluminum BBS wheels that are fitted with asymmetric Bridestone tires 265/35ZR20 up front and 305/ZR20 in the rear.

The LFA leads the field in aerodynamic design achieving excellent high-speed handling and stability while providing drive train cooling and more than enough air to cool the high revving V10 motor. It has a .31 drag coefficient so slicing through the air comes as effortlessly as a samurai warrior slicing his opponent with his sword. All airflow is controlled precisely around, under and over the LFA giving it high down force at speeds. It also has an attractive rear wing aiding in the down force. The side mirrors were even designed to move air into the rear air scoops.


The interior of the LFA was designed with driver focused ergonomics, and comes with only the finest leather and Alcantra upholstery throughout. The race inspired seats give the perfect amount of support needed in a vehicle capable of hitting the 200 mile an hour zone. There is also lots of exposed carbon fiber throughout giving the performance inspired feel. Owners have options of paint schemes and interior details to suit their individual tastes.

The coolest feature is the LCD digital display console fitted with Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and a motor-drive moveable ring. It has a single circular dial with digital tachometer needle. Lexus had to go digital because conventional gauges couldn’t keep up with the V10’s quick rev changes. While driving the digital display keeps driver’s aware of upcoming shift changes. The display is fully customizable so go ahead and set it up how you want it. When the car is started the instrument display is triggered creating an awesome visually appealing show. Four dials radiating out of the center to their positions around the center tachometer, these include the fuel level, oil pressure and water temp gauges very cool.


The price of the LFA is set at $375,000 dollars and does not include delivery, processing and handling fees. There is only going to be 500 examples made worldwide keeping this car super exclusive. Place your orders before there are no more left. The Lexus LFA is the first true supercar to come out of Lexus and I think it is an amazing piece of machinery. Can’t wait to see what they do next.