How could this watercraft not be in the top 10 greatest yacht gadgets of all time? It runs on the surface of, and beneath, the water. It can be used for both watersking and underwater exploring. It goes 50 mph on the surface and it is capable of a 164-foot descent while carrying three passengers. It also has a 100-mile range and there are no exposed propellers, which makes it safe as well as fun.

Along with the dual-level action and adventure potential, there also is a SCUBACRAFT that is built to carry six passengers. The SC3 Volt is an all-electric powered watercraft. However, it is not all fun and games, as this trimaran-hull vessel also gets props for having value beyond recreational uses. Its size and performance capability enable it to fit in well with marine and science-related matters, security and commercial usage.

A SCUBACRAFT designed to carry three riders is nearly 15 feet in length, seven feet wide and just under six-feet in height. It can haul a maximum load of 880 pounds. It is powered by a 160 horsepower naturally aspirated four-stroke, inline four-cylinder DOHC engine setup. There also is a larger model available that would carry six passengers.

The twin-tunnel hull features manual dive controls, a GPS and dive computer, a surface VHF radio, on board air supply with reserve, and multiple-dive platform. Special options available include an underwater filming platform, an underwater communications system, and imaging sonar. It is priced at around $144,000. For more information, visit