Greatest Athletes Of All-Time

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)


6’3 215lbs. (56-5 with 37 KOs) Boxing

In the golden age of boxing, no one was ever better than the biggest self promoter on our list, Muhammad Ali. He was the ‘greatest in the world,’ just ask him.

In the years Ali was the champion, boxing was the biggest draw in sports, it received the biggest money payouts and had the greatest athletes of the day, and no one was better than Ali. With his famed phrase “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” Ali took the boxing world by storm winning Olympic gold in 1960 and going on to become the most dynamic, powerful and entertaining athlete in sports.

Ali was also part of some of the greatest fights in the history of boxing including the ‘Fight of the Century’ against Joe Frazier, and the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ where he pulled off the rope-a-dope to defeated George Foreman who was the heavy favorite. All in all, Ali only lost 5 fights out of 61 professional times stepping in the ring, he is a legend among fight fans worldwide and is one of the most recognized athletes in sports history.