Greatest Athletes Of All-Time

Tony Hawk


6’3 170lbs. Skateboard

The reason that this extreme sports athlete makes our list is simply the revolutionary effect that he has had in bringing the extreme into the mainstream. Although he only competed in skateboarding, Hawk has been the biggest star in the skater community for the last 20 years.

He’s accredited with the invention of over 50 tricks including the nose grind, the Madonna, and the famous 900 that he pulled off for the first time in a competition at the X-games in 1999. All of which, of course, can be recreated in spectacular fashion by anybody nowadays thanks to Hawk’s widely popular video game series.

Overall, Hawk has entered 103 skateboarding competitions in his career. He has won 73, and taken second place 19 times. Now Hawk is remembered by all as the most influential figurehead of the extreme sports movement, and the main reason that the X-games has become the worldwide phenomenon it is today.