Greatest Athletes Of All-Time

Wayne Gretzky


6’ 189lbs. Hockey

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999, “The Great One” earned his namesake by scoring more goals, creating more assists and getting more points than anybody in the history of the game. It’s hard to argue with stats like that. Combine that with his four Stanley Cups and his 18 All Star appearances in only a 19 year career, and it’s easy to see why Gretzky makes our list of greatest ever.

He was one of the few young prodigies that lived up to the media hype that was created around him. He led the league in scoring ten times and won the Hart (MVP) trophy nine times, which is more than any other athlete, in any other sport. All in all, “The Great One” will never be topped and, since his retirement, hockey will never be the same.