Bring your A Game-In The Game Of Sex & Love, You’ve Got To Play To Win!


Try these simple tips to get any woman you want… 

1: Send Her Flowers:


Every woman loves receiving a big, sweet bouquet of beautiful flowers at her home, or better yet, her office. She can show off to her friends and family that she’s the object of your affection and it will make her feel truly special. Ask her what her favorite flowers are, and send those. That’ll be an attention to detail that is priceless in her eyes.

2: Buy Her Gifts:


C’mon KASANOVA, every woman loves to be spoiled by the man she’s with. It makes her feel special. She’ll love that you think about her and want to make her happy by surprising her with sweet tokens of your affection. Gift ideas include jewelry, clothing, lingerie, chocolates, gift cards, and sweet hand written note cards.

3 :Take Her Away:


Whisking your dream girl away for a weekend getaway is the perfect way to win her heart. She’ll revel in the out of her world experience and fall into your arms as her prince charming who gave it to her. I recommend a beach resort where you can lay poolside and soak up some sun. Vegas is always fun or Miami beach, Florida.

4: Be Confident, Not Cocky:

Cropped image of a businessman fixing his tie against a white background

Believe it or not, cockiness is a cover up for insecurity. We all know this. It takes a real man to have sincere confidence; in yourself, in your emotional value, and in your ability to please a woman. So, remember to be cool, calm and collected with confidence. Cockiness will turn her off, for good.

5: Please Her Sexually:


It’s very important to not be a selfish lover. When you are bedding a woman, you need to keep her satisfaction in mind at all times. Take your time finding her trigger points. You can drive a woman crazy and make her fall in love with you or at least keep her coming back for more, just by  being able to handle her body like no-one else ever has.

6: Cuddle with Her:


Most women are soft gentle creatures, so as a strong man you have to make an effort to connect with her softer side. After lovemaking or simply just watching a movie on the couch together, pull her into your arms, and hold her close to you. Run your fingers through her hair, kiss her softly, and hug her. This affection with melt her heart and make her want to open up to you in more ways than one.

7: Take Interest in Her Interests:


This is a key to any successful relationship. Being supportive of each other’s passions and dreams, is a great way to stay connected. Ask questions about what the other has going on, offer advice when asked for it has, and share new ideas with each other. Motivating and inspiring each other makes for a very successful union, whether short or long term.

8: Smell Good:


Every true gentleman has a sexy distinct scent that attracts women like bees to honey. Go to your local men’s cologne counter and try different scents until you find the one that best represents you. Woman can literally fall in love with the scent of a man and his unique cologne. Choose wisely.

9 :Be Loyal:

  1. enkpxmldfa1pysdpxlwkEvery good woman expects her man to be a man of his word, and honor their relationship by being faithful to her. Woman love to know that they are the only woman in your life, and that they have every reason to trust you. A lasting relationship can only grow and strengthen bond with complete trust and honesty. So, if a great relationship with a beautiful woman is what you want, you better be willing to be good to her.
  2. Love Her: 14202605_682105358625444_7833870336919852309_nThis is a sure fire way to win on the game of love and sex. A woman will know you really love her when you treat her with respect and loyalty, you care about her feelings, and you spend most of your free time with her. Loving a woman means you have become a man who is emotionally secure with yourself and you know how to share your life, time, and heart with someone other than yourself. Falling in love with a woman can be the most rewarding experience a man can ever have.