How To Make Your Woman Squirt!


I don’t know whether or not you are aware, but your woman is capable of transforming her vagina into a garden hose. It’s awesome, and by far the most intense orgasm she will ever have. The squirting orgasm. Maybe you have seen this in porno films? How they convulse around, and look possessed? Doesn’t that look amazing? Surely you wish to do that to a woman, right? It’s not as mysterious as people try to make it seem, and really not all that complicated. All it takes is heavy g-spot stimulation. Do you know where the g-spot is? Well I’m going to lay it out, and explain to you how to make a woman squirt!

First of all, squirting isn’t no quickie thing, and you only need to try & make it happen when you have the time. Start out by kissing her, really kissing her, and don’t ignore her neck or below the ears. Whatever it is you already know that turns your woman on, then this is the time. It’s all about foreplay, and get the idea of you cumming out of your mind. This is about her, and what you’re about to see. Tell her of how much you love her, and how tonight is all about her body & how she feels.


Once you’re sure she’s turned on, and her vagina is probably already wet. Go ahead, and start stimulation her clitoris. The top of her vagina, and watch her face for which movement seems to please her most. Her face will tell you everything you need to know through-out this whole ordeal. Next you want to insert your middle finger in her vagina first, and then your index finger next. Put both fingers together, and hook them upwards like you’re telling something inside there to “come here!”. Feel along the roof of her vagina until you come across a small bump. It should feel different from everything else. Like maybe the roof of your mouth. This is her g-spot. The money spot, and what you are going to use in order to make this whole squirting thing happen. Caress this area, and stimulate it in different ways while watching her face. Try lightly tapping at it, rubbing circles around it, or flickering at it like a switch.


Notice which one she enjoys most, and stick with it varying speeds & pressure. This is it, and sooner or later she’s going to start squirming around & thrash a bit. This is the fun part. You are driving this woman wild, she adores you, and it’s almost time to turn her into a water gun. She might start telling you to stop, because it “feels too good” but encourage her to let go, and this is good. It’s very, very, important you don’t stop or which techniques. Repetition and persistence is key to this. Keep stimulating the g-spot as she enjoys most, and never let up!


Really go at it, and you’re about to be rewarded. Keep in mind she might say she needs to pee, because this all comes from the same tube, but encourage her that’s just her orgasm. Truth is she might actually pee on you. There is a risk to everything beautiful in this life, and a woman squirting isn’t any different. You also might want to keep a towel handy as some women will truly gush. Afterwards she squirts her juices she may feel a little bit embarrassed about what just happened. You can comfort this by using a towel to wipe her thighs and vagina. She’s only going to love you more. Making a woman squirt is letting her know that you are sexually advanced, and this is a good thing in her eyes.

Good luck, and happy squirting!


-Jess E. Fleig