How To Summon Her Freaky Side!


For some, the ability to have toe curling, hair pulling, booty slapping sex comes naturally, but not every woman is comfortable with being completely ravished as soon as she is undressed. So it is important to know the unspoken rules a woman has in the bedroom.

When it comes to figuring out her deepest darkest desires, remember that body language is nature’s little way of helping us understand each other’s desires and fears.


Oral sex: is the doorbell to the vagina, you enjoy receiving it why wouldn’t she? Break the silent tension she is feeling about her vagina; she will never tell you but women need to be reassured about their vaginas as much as you do about your penis. It is an equally sensitive topic, if she even feels the slightest ounce of judgment you may have jeopardized the entire operation. NEVER EVER tell a woman her vagina is anything other than perfect and delicious and you will never have a problem with enjoying her beautiful love flower.


Verbal communication: is the first step to the perfect sexual relationship. She needs to be reassured that she is the one making you hard, driving you crazy, that you are not just imagining some porn-star or picture perfect model in her place. So tell her how amazing she is, or how much you like what she is doing with her tongue, how beautiful she looks doing that, don’t keep your thoughts all to yourself, positive feed-back will fuel her confidence and supercharge her libido.


Physical communication is the second step to reaching that next level of pleasure. Women absolutely love being teased, but they also enjoy having the power to do it as well. So if she starts doing a sexy little dance, or puts a sexy outfit on for you show her your appreciation for her creative sexuality and beg for her body; you must treat her like a goddess before you ravish her like she is the last woman on earth. Always remember that a woman’s unspoken cry to be completely taken can easily be missed if you are not paying attention to the rights details.


*Bonus tip: Weather you notice them or not, there are many daily cock blockers you may not even notice. Women are more sensitive than men and on a daily basis, (even if she wants to have sex), the stress of work, dishes, cooking, laundry, lack of sleep etc. can push the thought so far away, it may seem like she forgot you even have a penis.


But not need to worry because there is a solution, the return of her gratitude when you pick up some of the slack around the house will be more rewarding than anything you’ve ever done before. Do the dishes, cook her a nice pasta dinner, do the laundry, give her a nice message, these are fool proof ways to get her back from the abyss. Nothing is sexier to a woman than a passionate man with a compassionate side.