How To Tell Her She’s Bad In Bed: & How To Fix It!


This issue can be found in every kind of relationship, new and old, but how do we get over a barrier that can be extremely sensitive and can leave an awkward tension between you if addressed incorrectly?


Well, by now you should have a pretty good idea of why she is bad in bed. Communication is necessary when it comes to good sex, especially when you want to have amazing chemistry together. She is not a mind reader, so unless you tell her what you want and how you like it how is she to ever know?


So the next time you are in bed with her and she skips right over oral, or whatever it is you want her to start or stop doing address the issue, don’t let it slip any further under the rug, or you will never fix the problem.


If she is shy and inexperienced than you just need to explore some new positions, watch porn with her to see what she would be willing to try. Take her on a mini adventure to a novelty shop, let her pick out some new toys, movies and a few sexy outfits!