The Key To Enjoying Anal Together


No doubt the topic of anal sex is never an easy conversation to approach, most girls are almost offended by the thought of it, but why?


Human nature is to fear what we don’t understand, so if she shuts you down without hesitation, chances are she has not clue how amazing it can actually be when done right.


Sometimes bringing up the topic during sex can have a better outcome versus sitting down and having a heart felt conversation about the topic. If you single out anal as its own category you may be making it even harder for yourself especially if she is already skeptical about the idea. So here are some tips on how to easily introduce anal into your sex life.


Cleanliness and lubricant are absolutely the most important factors when venturing into uncharted territories. You will have a better chance if she feels clean and beautiful, so just make sure you are both squeaky clean before attempting the following:


The next time you and your partner get it on, make her more comfortable about her booty by exploring your horizons add some new tricks to your foreplay routine. Weather you’ve tried it before or not, when you go down on her work your way back and forth from her clit to her anus, repeat until she is wet and ready for you. This technique helps include the anus and gets her used to having her anus touched and played with.


If your partner is interested in trying anal then you can ensure her pleasure during penetration by using a vibrator in her vagina, or on her clitoris if she is not ready or into double penetration.


If the thought of making a mess scares her away, we have perfected a solution for you. Anal sex in a hot steamy shower will take your sex life to a new level. But fellas, never mistake water as a lubricant because it absolutely is not! We suggest trying a water based lubricant so you can use it in bed or in the shower.


But as a very important reminder, if it is her very first time take it slow, start off with a finger or a thin vibrator then work her up to taking your penis. Be as gentle as you can when entering her and use extra lubricant. When practicing anal sex in bed it is always a good idea to lay a couple towels down or even have a wet towel or wipes to be safe!