M-550 Pro Paracord Survival Grenade


This hot new item is the perfect item to bring with you next time you venture out into the wilderness. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys venturing out into the wild to go camping, hiking, hunting, white water rafting, kayaking or anything else outdoors, you absolutely have to check this out!


This cool new kit known as the M-550 pro Paracord Survival Grenade, it is a compact kit for everything you would need in an emergency survival situation. It was designed by Gregg Pastore, inside there are 26 different survival tools that are vital to one’s safety in the wild.

There is nothing worse than lugging heavy and bulky gear through the woods, especially if you just want to experience nature on a basic level. But this emergency kit would even be good to have in your car or truck just in case you break down in the middle of nowhere!


It is small enough to clip onto your backpack, you belt or even you hunting gear. There are 12 color combinations to choose from for the outer wrapped Paracord of your grenade. For peace of mind at the reasonable price of $69.99 you really can’t beat what is included:

50 ft. of 500 Paracord, 2 ft. of safety orange 95 Paracord, an LED light, mini pocket knife, dog tag signal mirror, fire starting rod, steel striker, 30 ft. of fishing line, 4 fish hooks, 4 split shot weights, 2 bobby pins, 1 handcuff key, 2 butterfly sutures, can opener, 1 biodegradable napkin towel wipe, 6 waterproof matches, 2 stormproof matches, jute twine, 1 razor blade, 8 inches trip-wire, compass, aluminum foil, wire saw, 4 water purification tablets,2 safety pins, whistle buckle, 2 split rings and 4 inches of electrical tape.


And should you ever have to use your Paracord Grenade for a real survival situation and you story is published, Paracord will even repack it for you!

There are 3 different size options to choose from:


Order yours today @: Paracord.com