Step 1) EAT RIGHT!

When I think of being RIPPED, the first place I think of are the abs. A lot of people carry excess weight around the mid-section. The best way to slim down this area is to eat right! Nutrition plays a huge role in weight loss. You can work out all day, every day, but if you eat junk you’re gonna look like junk.

Always remember, you are what you eat, so choose wisely! Eat lots of protein and vegetables, especially for dinner. Keep the carbs for the morning and be sure to stick to complex carbs only i.e.  Oatmeal.  Pass on the bread and sugar; these will make you blow up faster than a hot air balloon.  You can also add a few things to your diet to expedite results.

I highly recommend a fish oil supplement. When you give your body a regular dose of good fat, it will automatically be willing to let go of the bad fat. Another supplement you can add is a probiotic. Probiotics keep you regular and will keep your intestines clean, therefore allowing your body to absorb the nutrients from the food. This is a plus because you won’t feel as hungry all the time.