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  • H.R. Owen dealership Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London teamed up with one of world fashion’s biggest icons for London Fashion Week 2017, Donatella Versace 
  • The Chief Designer and Vice President of the Versace Group was showcasing her exciting Versus collection in the capital and travelled to events in style and opulence in a Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge
  • The higher-performance, more dynamic expression of the luxury saloon featured Cobalt Blue interior trim to tie in with Versace’s latest collection
  • H.R. Owen has played a major role in London Fashion Weeks past, having previously transported ROKSANDA stars to the catwalk London, 22nd February 2017.

Leading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen joined forces with fashion royalty Donatella Versace for London Fashion Week 2017, bringing together the best of Italian clothing and British automotive design.

Rolls-Royce’s flagship UK dealership in the heart of Mayfair – Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London – deployed a stunning Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge around the capital to ensure that Donatella arrived at high-profile events in the fine style and opulence worthy of both houses.

The Black Badge is a more menacing, focused version of the Ghost saloon that ties in beautifully with Versace’s latest Versus collection. The new line display started and finished with black presentations, while bursts of bright colours added a fitting dose of flair.

As such, H.R. Owen’s Ghost Black Badge sported striking Cobalt Blue interior trim that wowed London Fashion Week guests as Donatella was getting in and out of the car.

H.R. Owen is the undisputed leader of the luxury car world and has provided transport to the biggest industry icons during London Fashion Weeks past, including ROKSANDA founder Roksanda Ilincic in 2016. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London recently enjoyed the most successful year in its rich history, as a new breed of British entrepreneur continued to recognise the brand as the pinnacle of luxury motoring.The Mayfair dealership achieved exceptional growth and sales over the course of 2016 to cement H.R. Owen’s status as the world’s leading luxury dealer group.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge, Photo: James Lipman /

Claus Andersen, Brand Director of Rolls-Royce, said: “Teaming up with Donatella Versace during London Fashion Week 2017 was a real honour. We thoroughly enjoyed transporting a woman of her standing in the luxury world and we are delighted that she enjoyed such a great week with the Ghost Black Badge. This thoroughly modern expression of Rolls-Royce luxury proved the perfect fit for Versace’s new Versus line. We enjoyed a fantastic 2016 at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London and teaming up with Donatella represents the start of what promises to be another landmark year.”

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