Sunday Funday: The Kama Sutra

Rockin the Boat:


On a coach or chair sit and allow her to spread on top of you. Once entered, lock your arms around her legs and draw them toward your chest. Naturally, her back will slide against your legs. You can push and pull her against you or push upwards from your buttocks for the ultimate entry. She can stabilize herself against the floor, fully extending her arms and back. Scream, moan and talk to her. Rock, back and forth until you make her orgasm. You’ll have a full view of her body and lady parts. Enjoy the scenery.
Kama Sutra is all about reaching the ultimate tantric pleasures. Be free and wild with it and encourage your partner to do so as well. In allowing the openness and expressiveness, you will reach new orgasmic heights together. It will become addictive and you both can explore all that a fulfilling sex life has to offer.

For women, these poses allow the vagina to open in ways the common positions do not allow, for a deeper orgasm. For men, a barbaric side is awakened and you are able to fully view your woman as never before.

Kama Sutra all night and day, Kasanova.

Here’s to the Sunday Funday!