Tips to helping you have 2 girlfriends

If you ever thought about what it would be like to have 2 girlfriends and be the envy of all your friends. That’s all good and dandy but having 2 live in girlfriends at the same time can be more difficult than figuring out the universe.

We have put together some pointers to steer you in the right direction.

Always set up Ground rules, are like the base of the pyramid, if they are weak or nonexistent, then the pyramid is going to fall and crumble. So sit down with them and discuss a comfortable set of boundaries and understanding how each other feels about the relationship.


So when you are all hanging at the house together be assertive of the little things, like their likes and dislikes, what changes their moods, if they are a morning or night person, if they are a homebody or a party owl. This will help you balance each relationship in their own element versus trying to always balance two in the same.


But always remember, they are probably doing the same thing to you as well. Everyone has a different personality when they are alone, so it will be a little challenging at times but absolutely worth the effort.


Honesty, never ever lie to them, being brutally honest is needed for an open relationship and there is absolutely no room for error. And if you think having one pissed off girlfriend is bad enough, just imagine how terrible it would be with two!


Jealousy, is created when a person feels as though a cherished connection with another person is threatened by replacement. So it is extremely important that you constantly keep the positive vibe flowing, it should consist of a mood that is secure, friendly, attractive, playful, happy and always full of love.


But the true key to keeping jealousy out of the picture is to always keep an equal balance between the group. Make quality time with you for each girlfriend, do a separate date night with each with each girl you, have to keep the initial connection you share alive or else it will fizzle out and die.