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Mile High Club, In The Sky


The Mile High Club has been the topic of aviation since the Wright Brother’s first took off. Previously, this was the ethereal ideal of hopefuls rushing to the bathroom and having the quickest sex of their lives before the stewardess could catch them. However, the millennium has provided new generations of open minded sexers willing to create businesses dedicated to The Mile High Club.

Currently, Flamingo Air, Chicago Mile-High Club, and even Virgin flights are promoting the Mile High opportunities. Where most airlines frown on the act, and are willing to press suit against “perpetrators,” www.milehighclub.com lists the outpouring of companies willing to help accommodate sexual romps and pleasure seekers.

Your best bet for becoming part of the MHC is to contact your nearest charter flight company and simply ask. Many will not only say yes, but offer special queen-sized beds for the couple’s flight, flowers, personal chefs, and even erotic “toys.” If you’re looking to spice things up, this is the way to get your feet, and dick, off the ground.