Lastly, if you gamble, then your best bet is to have your host set up the reservation. This will allow you charge the bill to your room or account at the hotel where the club is located. The clubs and hotels that allow this will possibly take the tab or part of it taken off. Too many tourists don’t take advantage of the fact that gamblers are still taken care of in this city. Regardless of the amount of your play, be sure to get your gaming “rated” because you’ll ultimately qualify for something.

While I’m talking about hosts there are also plenty of “VIP host” websites that will try to sell the “Vegas VIP Experience”. They promise you won’t have to wait in line and all that good stuff for a fee. My advice is that they aren’t needed and that comes straight from an ex-host who preferred to remain anonymous. He informed that they simply do anything the clients can do for themselves without much effort. With a little time and the advice above you, can save you money.

There you have it, some of the best ways to enjoy all that the Vegas nightclubs have to offer. Whether you are a high roller or on a budget, the opportunity is definitely there for both to have a great night out, without having to even go outside.

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