What Women Want in You!

Sex It Up!


Be into us. Let us know that you would rather hold back on your satisfaction until we’re right there with you. Massage us. Worship us. Make us feel sexy. After that, you’ll get yours. As far as anatomy goes, know what’s on us, and where it is. Get to know our clit, well. Very well. Spend so much time with that thing to the point where you consider it your best friend. Know where our moles are. Our beauty marks. Memorize our body. It’s sexy.

Bonus Tip: Going down is a MUST for most women. Sex just isn’t the same without it. Some women can’t climax without it. So, the lesson here is this is a necessity. Get into it and so will we. Women rarely ask for it, but we always want it. Who knows? It might be your turn after.

Go ahead Kasanova, give that woman exactly what she wants.