10 Most Underrated Athletes

#2. Lamar Odom (Forward, Los Angeles Lakers)


Even though he’s a two-time champ with the Los Angeles Lakers, Odom has never received the love in basketball circles that he surely deserves.

He is the most underrated athlete in the NBA today coming off the Lakers bench as a true triple threat player that can step into any position.

At 6’11 he can dribble and shoot like a guard, has the strength down low to battle for rebounds, and when he’s on his game he’s impossible for anyone to match up against.

Recently Odom has started to get some more respect from the league and the media, coming off one of his best seasons in LA where he received the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award.

Of course, his recent exposure might be due to the fact that he married a Kardashian and now co-stars weekly in his own reality show named “Khole and Lamar.”

With that aside, next year the Lakers might be looking to dismantle the team that was bounced from the playoffs in four straight games by Dallas, but they shouldn’t overlook the intangibles that Odom can bring back to LA.