10 Ways Water Works for Sex!

Keep the sex hot and the lovin’ good- in the water. Kasanova is giving you ten ways to have a fun and wild time in, and with, liquid. Summer time is here and we’re all looking to cool down, but your sex life can keep full steam ahead.

Follow these wet-n-wild tips for sex in the water:
-Bonus Tips to get your tip “in”:

*Remember to bring blankets and towels for any outdoor sex-venture

*Water can often take away a women’s natural lubricant. Silicone based lubrication will help you both enjoy the experience.

*Most women are private sexual beings. Make sure you pick the right time around public locations, when it’s empty of other’s when you get started.

*Sex includes hand-jobs, oral, and your hands on her. Don’t push for penetration. Wait until she’s ready and craving it. Then, it’s all the better.