20 Minute Daily Body Weight Workout

Next Is The Standard Crunch


The next exercise in the work out is the standard Crunch this works the entire abdominal wall.

Lay on your back, feet shoulder width apart and head up, touch your hands to the side of your head this is for balance only.

Be sure not to pull on your head with your hands. Contracting your abs to bring your back off the ground only a couple of inches will get the job done. Focus on feeling the contraction in your abs.

The range of motion on this exercise  is relatively short but it is very effective at activating the muscle fibers. Rep rate should be 3 seconds down and 1.5 seconds up do at least 15-20 reps or as long as you can stand the burn you can do 3-4 sets of these and you will soon see your abs getting carved like the grand canyon.