20 Minute Daily Body Weight Workout

The 3rd Exercise Is The Side Plank


The next Exercise in the work out is the side plank this exercise is great for building the obliques, the so called love muscles that girls love to see sticking out your board shorts.

As in image 1 place your forearm on the floor and get in the T-position, Don’t let your mid section sink to the floor hold it firm and straight through out the movement.

Now take your other hand and reach under and back as far as you can go with out losing balance then bring your arm back through and reach as far to the sky as you can.

This is one rep as like before your ideal rep rate should be 3 seconds down and 1.5 seconds up do at least 15-20 reps or as long as you can stand the burn you can do 3-4 sets of these Should get your love muscle popping out your shorts. Repeat this exercise for the other side.