Best Seat in the House

Fenway Park for baseball


City: Boston, Massachusetts

Opened: 1912

Capacity: 37,493

Cost: $650,000


Even since 1919, when Boston sold Babe Ruth up the road to the Yanks for a bucket of balls and a bag of skittles, the Red Sox had been cursed by the Bambino to never win another championship. Red Sox Nation was the team of lovable losers  with strong accents and never ending support for a team that could not get past their hated rivals from the North. Not Ted Williams, or Carl Yastrzemski, or even Wade Boggs could do anything to lift the curse. That is, until 2004 when the Sox beat all odds to come back from a 3-0 hole to defeat the Yankees and go onto win their first World Series in almost a hundred years.

Reason to Go:

To sit atop the ‘Green Monster’ and pity the right handed hitters that have to make it over the thirty-seven foot wall, and the opposing left fielders that have to figure out how to play the bounce off of it.