Best Seat in the House

Yankee’s Stadium for baseball


City: New York, New York

Opened: 2009

Capacity: 50,291-54,251

Cost: $1.5 Billion 



It’s not the ‘House that Ruth built’ and it definitely does not have the rich history or tradition of a lot of the other stadiums on our list, but with the way the Yankees have been able to dominate the baseball world for the last 100 years the ‘new’ Yankee Stadium is writing its own history and creating its own lore quicker than any ball park in the nation. Given the fact that they came home with the World Series in 2009 and are the American League favorite to make it back to the promise land again this year, it’s no wonder why.

Reason to Go:

To watch the highly paid all-star exhibition team that is known as the New York Yankees, and perhaps to walk through the giant Yankee’s Museum. If you have the means, I’d recommend sitting with 10-20 of your closest friends in any of the suites that are offered, but just so you know, the alcohol is not included.