The newest super car concept to come from the distinguished British motor car company is the ferocious feline the Jaguar CX-75. First making an appearance at the 2010 Paris auto show giving a glimpse at what the automaker has in store for us.  The super car is Jaguars new take on 20th century automotive design. Not only is it absolutely breathe taking to look at, it also has as much technology under its skin to make Bill Gates green with envy. It’s a true hybrid with four wheel mounted engines with 195 horsepower each, producing 780 horse power and an astounding 1180 lb/ft of torque just from the electric motors. The concept also utilizes two gasoline turbine generators (80,000 rpm) to power the lithium ion batteries increasing the Jaguars range to 560 miles. If it is scheduled for production it will most likely  be equipped with a 4 cylinder supercharged 1.9 liter engine adding to the total horse power of this prowling panther making well over 1000 Hp. Final figures to be determined.


With all that power the figures are impressive to say the least. Jaguar claims that the CX-75 will hurtle you down the road with 0-62mph times under 3 seconds and a top speed of well over 200 mph. The Jaguar CX-75 is equipped with 20 inch wheels in front and 21 inch wheels in back providing the grip the car needs. This is one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen, whether it is equipped with the turbine engines or the 4cyl, it would be an ultra futuristic car and everyone would drool over this Jaguar. It’s jam packed with tons of technology.

Jaguar started with a blank canvas and designed a truly futuristic super car. Jaguar has had a long history of using aluminum; in fact 70% of the CX-75 is made from recycled aluminum. The car features an extruded and bonded aero-space inspired aluminum chassis. All of the body panels utilize this light weight material giving the car an overall weight of just 2976 lbs.  The exterior of the car has great sweeping wheel arches and has spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel producing a low co-efficient of drag at just 0.32, allowing for the high speeds this car is capable of attaining. It is also equipped with a carbon fiber rear diffuser and adjustable wind vanes in the exhaust system increasing the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.


The interior is super futuristic but still has the Jaguar charm. The driver seats are fixed in place and the steering wheel, dash board, and pedal assembly all adjust to the driver. The CX-75 is equipped with a new driver interface using high-resolution TFT screens. The main driver screen is in house in the instrument cluster. The instrument panel was designed with cues from jet fighter planes and their current XJ saloon model. Creating a virtual 3D display set up that is as visually appealing as the outside of the panther. There are no side mirrors instead small cameras send images to screens in the dash board to keep the driver looking ahead.

The Jaguar CX-75 embodies everything a super car of the future should be, with great styling advanced technologies. Although this is just a concept, there is no green light yet for this vehicle. One can only dream what a vehicle like this would be like to drive. I think Jaguar has a winner here and I have no doubt they would sell every one they manufacture. I think this is definitely a super car every KASANOVA could sink their teeth into. Rawr!