The all new Gumpert Apollo Arrow – 2016


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Looking nothing like its predecessor the Gumpert Apollo the newly redesigned Apollo Arrow is breathing new life into the company. The new design language is absolutely beautiful, and was inspired by the ruthlessness of the ocean, It’s styling ques come from sharks and the F22 raptor, both of which are atop their respective food chains. The Apollo Arrow looks like it will eat alive anything that has enough guts to ride up next to it.


Powering the Apollo Arrow is a twin Turbo charges 4L V8 engine that makes a mind blowing 1000 HP and 1000 Lbs. of torque with GmbH claiming a zero to 60 time ofa mere 2.9 sec and a 0-100 mph in a mere 8.8 sec and giving you zero-to top speed (which is 248mph) in just 20 sec. with its fully synchronized sequential 7 speed gear CIMA transmission and twin plate clutch configuration helping deliver all that power to the wheels these statements do not seem outlandish.


The body work is full carbon fiber with an integrated carbon monocoque driver safety cell. All new designed rear spoiler that significantly reduces interior wind and buffering noise. Some of the design elements from the original cars were a must keep, those are the window sill height, gullwing doors and the central ram which feeds the hungry engine. On the exterior there are numerous raw carbon elements that are a perfect contrast to the outrageous Wulfenite orange paint work.


This car is an absolute design master piece and they are only building 100 of these land sharks so if there not already spoken for which they probably already are. Get in line and pony up the dough. No price as of yet. But if you’re asking you probably can’t afford it.

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