Hit the Ultimate High: 3 of the World’s Best Heli-Skiing Destinations


Heli-skiing is fun, fast, and full of surprises – read on to find out my top destinations for trying one of the most exhilarating sports in the world!

If you’re a ski enthusiast who longs for adventure (and less-crowded slopes that are full of powder) then heli-skiing could be perfect for you. This article will take you on a quick journey across the globe, as we delve into some of the most exciting heli-skiing destinations in the world! Read on to find out why there’s no better way to get your adrenaline kick.

What is it?

Imagine you are standing on top of a ski slope, surrounded by pristine powder with no other skiers in sight – all you can see are the glistening mountain tops and the now-distant helicopter that has just dropped you off. Heli-skiing is one of the most exclusive activities you could possibly imagine, as it combines the perfect solitude of skiing without other people on the slope, and the luxury of getting there via your own private helicopter ride.

When Can I Start?

Heli-skiing is becoming an increasingly popular activity for skiers and thrill-seekers alike, and there is now a variety of unique destinations to choose from. Each location offers something different – from the sand shores of the Pacific Coast to the dramatic Southern Alps – I can guarantee you will be blown away by the views, not to mention the skiing itself! Here are my top 3 heli-skiing destinations to try:

• Alaska, USA

Head to the Western Chugach Mountains for an unforgettable experience with Chugach Powder Guides (teamed with Alyeska Resorts). Alaskans are born and bred in the snow, which should come as a reassurance to any first-time heli-skiers, as the instructors here are extremely experienced with the epic slopes of this winter wonderland. Ease your tired muscles in Alyeska’s world-class spa for a luxurious post-ski treat, or indulge in an exquisite dinner prepared by the resort’s first-rate chefs.

• Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is renowned for being an extremely popular skiing destination, with people flocking to the Canadian ski-town from all over the world, which can make it slightly crowded during winter. When it comes to heli-skiing, you can wave goodbye to the chairlift queues and busy slopes as you fly well beyond the crowds into an area that is 50 times the size of Whistler Blackcomb (the town’s major ski resort). Check out Whistler Heli-Skiing to find the best package for your trip.

• Southern Alps, New Zealand

Last but not least, the awe-inspiring, drop-dead gorgeous country that is New Zealand. Southern Lakes Heliski has been operating since 1985 and has a fantastic reputation for boasting the most experienced and professional guides in the country, not to mention offering vast terrain and untouched powder. For the ultimate experience, why not book yourself in for a night or two at the Minaret Station alpine lodge? You can dine under the stars in the middle of the mountains after a day of enjoying endless heli-ski runs – perfect!

Before You Go:

There is always a small risk that comes with throwing yourself into the thrills of heli-skiing, so it is best to come prepared. Stay safe in the knowledge that (in the unlikely event) if something were to go wrong, you would be looked after by your winter sports insurance. Adding travel insurance to your pre-departure list is an absolute must when you are about to set off on your adventure holiday. InsureMore offers everything you need with their winter sports insurance cover, meaning you don’t have to think twice when stepping on (or off!) that helicopter. Whether you’re in New Zealand, Alaska or Whistler, don’t forget to take out you insurance before you jet off on the trip of a lifetime!

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