Vacation Get-Away Lake Tahoe


Vacation Get-Away Fun in the Sun Guide on Lake Tahoe:

If you are also a water loving nature freak, then Lake Tahoe is the ideal destination to visit! It has over 72 miles of crystal clear glistening water, endless banks flourishing with bountiful foliage and wildlife, and massive white mountain peaks in the background which are picture-perfect for that breath taking selfie you and your lover or friends can add to the album.


Of course there is always a ton of fun to be had when it comes to vacationing on a beautiful lake. You can always rent the usual: paddle boats, jet skis, jet boats, tubes, fishing charters, kayaks, canoes, etc. But here are a few things you can rent and or book a day trip that are out of the norm, after all you went on vacation to get away, to make new memories and to try new things after all!

We suggest bringing your snorkel gear, the pristine water of Lake Tahoe is just begging to be explored! An underwater camera would also be a great item to bring you can capture the amazing rock formations, hidden coves and the local fish and wildlife. Personally, we highly suggest the full face snorkel mask, it has a built in GoPro attachment on the front of the mask.


You can order one at:, the price varies from $60-$90 (depending if you need flippers or not), they are an awesome way to completely take all the hassle out of snorkeling providing you with a hands free way to experience your underwater adventures!


White Water Rafting is the perfect tour to book for all you adrenaline junkies out there! This is a little advanced but still safe enough for the whole family or just your group of friends. The Truckee River flows directly into the Tahoe and is the perfect route for your rafting trip.


Transparent Canoe looks as though it were made just for Lake Tahoe! This provides you with the ability to see any aquatic wildlife passing by without having to get wet or dip your toes within nibbling range!


Stand up pattle boarding is a fun and unique way to enjoy the bright blue waters of Lake Tahoe from a different angle! This allows you to glide across the mesmerizing water with an eagle’s eye view of the bottom of the lake and the wonders that linger there. SUP is an easy way to maneuver around the banks, beaches, caverns and caves of Lake Tahoe.


Parasailing is an experience you will never forget! You will have a few options of how high you want to go up 200, 350 or 500 feet. This is a great opportunity to get a beautiful view of the lake, mountain and forest, bring your GoPro or camera for some magnificent shots!