Greatest Athletes Of All-Time

George Herman “Babe” Ruth


6’2 215lbs. Baseball

The Great Bambino, the Sultan of Swat, the King of Swing, or to the million of fans that love him to this day he’s simply known by, the ‘Babe.’ Known mainly for his big bat, his curse, and his candy bar most people forget this icon of Americana began his career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and had almost 100 wins under his belt before going on to become the most prolific slugger to have ever played the game.

You might not guess it from his protruding gut and smoking habits, but Ruth was also one of the first baseball players to ever use a physical trainer. His home run records were unmatched for almost 40 years, and remember this dude was putting 50-60 balls out of the park in an era when entire teams couldn’t keep up. It’s equivalent to Albert Pujols being able to hit 200 HRs a season today.

After all was said and done Ruth walked away with seven pennants, four World Series titles, and in 1936 he was part of the first class elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He might not hold the home run records anymore, but no one can ever take away the impact he left on the game.