Greatest Athletes Of All-Time

Lance Armstrong


5’9 165lbs. Cyclist

So riding a bike for a living might not be the most glamorous profession on our list, but no one came close to doing it as well or pushing as hard as Lance Armstrong. When he was 22 he became the youngest road racing champ ever, then just four years later in 1996, as he held the world’s number one ranking, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer that almost ended his career and his life.

But cancer, and losing a nut, couldn’t stop his drive and desire to get back on the bike and become the greatest cyclist the world has ever seen. Lance won seven back-to-back Tour de France titles, not only that, he excelled on the most difficult stages of the tour leaving the competition in his dust while biking hundreds of miles up mountains in the Alps.

The only thing that throws a kink in the spokes of his legend is the steroid controversy that he never seems to be able to get away from. It seems like the French just can’t believe how bad they were beaten for seven straight years.