Greatest Athletes Of All-Time

Michael Jordan


6’6 195lbs. Basketball

Mike took basketball to a whole different level, literally. He lived above the rim, and rightly earned the nickname ‘Air Jordan.’ His artistry and expertise were amazing to watch in motion and unstoppable by his competition.

He was a 6-time champion, a 5-time MVP, a 14-time all star, and he could ‘D’ up like no other, making 9 appearances on the NBA All-Defensive team. Not bad for a guy who was cut in high school. Let’s just say that Jordan’s still such a legend that he can even get away with rocking a Hitler stash in the latest Hanes commercials and nobody stopped him.

You would think that the director or even the make-up artist would tell Mike it might not be the greatest idea, but when you sell shoes, hamburgers, cereal, and underwear like he does I guess you can get away with sporting any type of infamous facial hair you’d like. Man, I want to be like Mike.