Perfect Posture Pointers

Listen Up!


I’m going to be straight up; do you have a pain in your ass? No, I’m not talking
about your nagging wife or girlfriend but literally a pain in your ass? Maybe, in
your lower back or upper neck? Yep it’s there but most of you just ignore it
and think it’s from all those shrugs you’ve been doing.

Well, let me tell you those shrugs aren’t working and secondly that pain is a sign that something is not right. As I scanned the gym on Monday I took a count of how many men
actually had good form. 1 out of 12!!! I’m going to cover the basics of good
form, why it’s important, and what will happen if you don’t have proper form.

You have 5 check points in your body; feet, knees, hips, shoulders, and your
neck. These 5 check points need to be lined up at all times to keep our body
functioning smoothly, and without errors. If one of these check points is out
of line it will cause extra stress on your joints, wear and tear on your
ligaments, and lastly cause muscles to do the wrong job leaving you with aches
pains, and injuries.