Sex Confidentials: Straight from the Ladies

Marissa, 45, Computer Engineer


She’s on her second marriage, and loving it.
“My first husband just couldn’t do it for me. We didn’t talk about sex. My life partner and husband now is amazing. We’re just older and we can communicate better. We role play. I’m his fantasy girl, 20-years younger, whatever. He’s Russell Crowe in Gladiator for me. It doesn’t matter who the imaginary person is. It matters that we’re doing it together. It keeps it hot for both of us, and, even sometimes makes us laugh which is sexy too.”

The Lesson: Women are willing to try what you’re willing to talk about.

Okay Kasanova. We’ve given you the actual advice from “girl talk” and “girl’s night out.” This is the exclusive from the sexecutives. Now get down to business and make it work for you and yours.