Illusione Rothchilde Cigars


Illusione *R* Rothchildes: $3.99 a stick or $199.50 per box

Dion Giolito released this treasure in March of 2013, they are distributed in Nicaragua by the Tabacos Valle de Jalapa of South America. He chose to use Mexican San Andres wrappers (which are notorious for the lighter color with bountiful oils protruding from the leaves), giving the cigar a stunningly unique look. When you take the first draw from the un-light cigar, you will experience undisputable hints of leather, light floral, sweet fruits, tangy citrus and rich tobacco.


Once you light up, there will be a strong sensation of leather, salty nuts and coca that are complimented by the sweetness of the Mexican San Andres wrapper. If you enjoy a cigar with a healthy amount of smoke than the Illusione Rothchildes, which are a perfect candidate for you to sample. They are not a tightly wrapped cigar, they were designed with a slightly open draw allowing for a slower, longer pull which provides a larger quantity of smoke to pass through.

As you continue to smoke, you will encounter additional flavors, it becomes a smoother, creamier combination of flavors. (which mixes perfectly with the contrasting earthy tones, the spice of the pepper and the deep aroma of leather). This 4 ½ inch cigar has a pleasantly surprising burn time lasting just under an hour, just like a beautiful woman, it will leave satisfied but with a hunger for more.