Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is known for their deep rooted love for seafood delicacies, their love for high tech ultramodern neon lights and yet they still respect the value of their beautiful historical ancient temples. When you come to Tokyo, Japan not only will you be overwhelmed with its beauty and culture you will have your mind blown completely by their cuisine!

The creation of Sushi began in Japan around the 8th century, and was actually fish that was fermented in rice and had a mixed smell of blue cheese, fish and vinegar. There is not wonder to why they dropped the process of narezushi but we are grateful they did because sushi has come a very long way sine the 8th century.

Ramen noodles have always been a favorite dish in Tokyo, Japan the instant Ramen were invented here in 1958. But Tokyo’s version of Ramen is hearty and full of fantastic flavors, not like the instant version. A typical Ramen dish in Tokyo usually consists of Ramen noodles in a meat or fish based broth topped with boiled eggs, sliced pork, menma, green onions and dried seaweed.

Kushiyaki is an assortment of seasoned grilled vegetables, meats and seafood on a steel or bamboo skewer which are then place over a charcoal fire. Some vegetables you can find on your Kushiyaki Skewer are shiitake mushrooms, mini tomatoes, asparagus, garlic,  okra, peppers, onions, broccoli and baby corn. Various meats such as mackerel, shrimp, scallop, oyster, octopus, cuttlefish, squid, beef, chicken, pork, horse meat and eggs are commonly used, there are endless combinations when it comes to the mouth-watering Kushiyaki.