Top Cities Around the World to Visit for the Food!

Bordeaux, France


Bordeaux, France is known for being a famous wine growing region, its beautiful Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André, its 18th-19th century mansions and also for making some of the best pastries known to man.

One of the most favored local treats are the Canelés, (named after the fluted copper mould they are made in), a tiny round cake soaked i rum with a soft custard center and a sweet, crispy finish. These irresistible little morsels are usually eaten as a snack, as a dessert and even for breakfast!

While you’re enjoying the beautiful architecture in Bordeaux, France you must not forget to grab yourself a few macaroons. They were actually first prepared by the nuns back in the 17th century in this very part of France. Macaroons are a light and sweet almond wafer cookie sometimes colored with dye and filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling.

We saved the best for last, although there are many more irresistible baked treats to discover in Bordeaux, the “choux à la crème” or the cream puff is an original favorite. This light and airy treat is made with a choux pastry ball and is then filled with whipped cream, custard or pastry cream.