Ultimate Fantasy Destinations

Brazil, South America


Brazil is the largest and most diverse country in South America. Its natives speak Portuguese and this fun loving culture flourishes in the sexuality of the times. Brazilians are known for being sexually outgoing, wild, often-times bisexual, bi-curious, and depending on the person, even comfortable with swinging.

During Carnival, the enormous festival held for the six days before Easter, cities like Rio de Janero and Sao Paulo hire dance troops, music, and festivities to entertain viewers. It’s common for men and women alike to be performing nude or in barely there attire. Bright lights, glitter, feathers, and the quickest dance moves you ever seen is all some of these performers wear.

The shenanigans of Carnival could put Mardi-Gras to shame, and why not be a part of the fun. Brazil offers 5-star resorts at some of its most famous beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana. In Brazil, the attitude is “anything goes.” Get there and get busy. Sex it up. Brazil will embrace your inner wild child.