Ultimate Fantasy Destinations

Hedonism Resorts, Jamaica


Hedonism is a train of philosophical thought; encouraging the pursuit of pleasure as a means of happiness. In this way, Hedonism the resort exists to facilitate your part in this process. Arrive in Jamaica and stay at the resort or simply travel to Hedonism for a nightly pass. Nightly events include beach parties, dance-offs, toga parties, dress and themed parties, including fetish nights, mardi-gras night, and circus night. During the day an array of water sports, beach sports, land sports, massage, and personal care options are available.

Club Hurricane is the popular nightclub open from 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. featuring live DJ’s, music, dance, and more! A wide array of bars offers live band music, a piano bar, classical interlude, and even karaoke. Special daily activities include a lunchtime spin each day, pajama parties weekly, and late night dinner buffets available for clients and guests. Hedonism is unbiased against orientation, sexuality preferences, or partner preferences.

At Hedonism, your wildest fantasies can take place with or without a partner. One beach is private for nudists, another is public however partying, swinging, love-making, and fun is encouraged everywhere. They say it might be the aphrodisiacs served or the strong brews and beverages, maybe even the mirrors hung above every bed, but the best part of Hedonism in the non-judgmental attitude of clients and staff. Hedonism is the ultimate sexual playground to romp in.